April 15, 2017

Free Phishing Test Request

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  1. Email scams mostly try to get bank information.

  2. 80% of all cyber security breaches are due to human error.

  3. You can tell if an email is malware because it has a .zip attachment.

Answers?  All of the statements above are FALSE.

Scams/Ransomware is up 600% in 2016 and cost $1Billion.  Educate Yourself.  

Email scams get proprietary information including banking information, but they also target personal identity items such as social security numbers, medical information and credit card numbers, to name a few.

95% of breaches are due to human error.  (source: IBM)

Malware can be embedded in pictures and links as well as attachments.

So let’s get serious about stopping cyber criminals and become security aware!

We offer a FREE Phishing Test for up to 20 people.  It’s safe and educational.  Don’t let social engineering, malware and security concerns destroy your confidence.  We can help you raise security awareness and prevent future cyber security vulnerability damage.  Please complete the form below to request your phishing test and we will set it up for you – easy!